1. Today is a day to listen to Shane Macgowan’s poetry.

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  2. Gime? What’s a gime?
    Ohhhh… A gime! #gym #beard still remains for now…

  3. I think I’m ditching my #beard today :( Job market’s too tough. Very sad to lose my warm and fuzzy friend. Maybe get job then growback? Here’s hoping.

  4. Remember kids: Buckle-up in the backseat. #safetyfirst #yolo #lookbothwayswhencrossingtheroad #beard #sundaymorning


  5. New #cityandcolour. Hell yeah.

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  6. If you’re driving in #Melbourne today, beware or giant rhinos on skateboards. They will, according to Yarra Trams, fuck you up.


  7. This album is finally available on Spotify! This album is incredible. Please listen to this if you’ve never heard it before. #eskimojoe #music #memories

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  9. @_kdoe & @mollyruthharris getting did done. It’s how the roll. (at Shanghai Dumpling House)

  10. This was me in the snow in Finsbury Park, London. My first attempt at light-writing. As you can see, my handwriting sucks. I blame computers.